Titanium posts (tooth roots) positioned into the jawbone

Aesthetic dentistry

Goal is to construct natural looking artificial teeth

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Using two different whitening

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İmplantolog Emil Imanov DDS, MSc

Emil Imanov DDS MSc

Emil Imanov DDS MSc
Emil Imanov DDS MSc

The administration of the dental clinic serves for its patients’ health and comfort with great pleasure together with Dr. Emil Imanov, a dental specialist who majored in oral surgery and implantology field at the Graz University of Austria, studied a Master’s Degree in Oral Implantology at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany. We care for your health by choosing the most advantageous option at dental treatment!

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Our achievements

Ms. Mehriban – Functional and aesthetic restoration of teeth

The functional and aesthetical restoration of the teeth with implants and implant supported zirconia-based porcelain.

Treatment steps:

  • For being not functioanally workable the teeth were extracted after removing the crowns.
  • As there was not enough bone for the implant at the back of the mouth the lower part of the sinus-lift gap was filled with a bone substitute substance. As soon as the operation was completed an implant was inserted.
  • Because of the sinus-lift surgery there was a 6-month waiting period. In order to acquire a natural look, emergence profile was prepared with temporary crowns and the treatment was completed with implant supported zirconia-based porcelain.
Ms. Rafet – Functional and aesthetic restoration of teeth

Functional and aesthetic restoration of the teeth with implants and veneers.

Treatment steps:

  • As the teeth were not functionally workable, the crowns were removed, the teeth were extracted and implants were inserted.
  • Because the gingival margins were aesthetically uneven, gum tissue was transplanted. For ideal aesthetic look, an emergence profile was constructed with the CAD-CAM (robotic) method.
  • After a month temporary teeth were replaced with permanent ones. The lower teeth were restored with veneers and pressed ceramic and the upper teeth with implant supported zirconia ceramic.
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